Ranfurly Art Deco

Treat yourself to a slice of nostalgia in Ranfurly, discovering the restored 1930’s simple modernist art deco architecture.

Centennial Milkbar

History of Art Deco in Ranfurly

Following a series of disastrous and suspicious fires in the 1930’s, the inexpensive and simplistic Art Deco style was introduced to Ranfurly to replace many of the towns buildings.  After the economic decline of the 1990’s, the local community was thinking of ways to attract people to Ranfurly and the buildings inspired the refurbishment of the buildings. The Centennial Milkbar (left), a community owned, classic building of modernist design, now houses the only Art Deco Museum in the Southern Hemisphere, the Rural Art Deco Gallery.

The Practice 121014 RV

Rural Art Deco Ranfurly Walk

An Art Deco Walk has been developed, showcasing the way in which molded shapes, relief decorations and vivid colours were used to beautify buildings.  Arm yourself with the walk brochure (available at Ranfurly Information Centre), a camera and some walking shoes, set aside approximately 50 minutes and enjoy. Our own home grown community trust radio station ‘Burn 729am’ is housed in the restored Fenton Library (1926) building and enjoy a drink outside the magnificent Ranfurly Hotel or a meal in their Art Deco restaurant.


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  2. […] for. The wonderfully restored Centennial Milk bar now houses the Southern Hemisphere’s only Art Deco Museum – well worth a look, and don’t forget to leave your gold coin donation for the privilege. I felt […]

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