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Maniototo … truly inspirational ….


Centennial Milkbar (2)Art Deco Art Gallery – Home to ‘the world’s best ’30’s museum’.

The Centennial Milkbar (1930) was destined for fire fighting practice following the economic decline of the 1990’s. It was the Art Deco Society’s first project and now houses a permanent collection of Art Deco Memorabilia donated or lent by the people of Maniototo.  UK Art Deco author Colin Hines claims Ranfurly is home to “the world’s best ‘30s museum”… (more on Ranfurly Art Deco).  Open October to May.


Naseby Arts & Crafts

Naseby Information Centre and Crafts Shop are housed in the magnificent old Naseby Post Office.  Their friendly staff will assist you in any way and there is a fine display of local art works and home made crafts as well as contributions by ‘cribbies’ who display their creative talents here also.

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